I teach college students the life skills they don't learn in the classroom . 


Hi, I’m Lauren, and I was a lot like you.

Silently struggling my way through college hoping to find answers to what seemed to be my many problems. I didn't  know where to go for help and applicable advice. I tried to figure it out all on my own and when that wasn't working...
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College is hard. 

Asking for help shouldn't be.

You don't have to do it all alone.


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Anna K.

I have loved working with Lauren so much! She truly has changed my life and I hope to continue to improve myself with all the tools she's given me. I honestly wish I had found her sooner. Having someone to talk to about my problems who actually gets it and knows how to help has been everything I had been looking for, I'm so thankful for finding her. 

Rachel C.

Before Coaching I had severe social anxiety and was not comfortable or confident in social situations. After working with Lauren I learned how to build confidence and the tools to help me overcome my anxiety. I've been able to do so much more and actually feel good doing it with her help!

Liz F.

I came to Lauren feeling like a mess. I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and questioned myself all the time. Lauren taught me the skills I didn't realize I was even lacking. Learning how to manage my mind has helped me in every area of my college life. Even though I was hesitant at first it really has been the best decision.

If college has become more problems than fun, let's chat.

College is meant to be some of the best years of your life. If you feel like your struggles have started to take over, I want to help you find the fun again.

Whatever problem you have, I promise you there is a solution to it. The first step to solving anything is discovering the real cause. 

Take the first step and schedule your first call on me. 

I want to help you feel better today.